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It is a Win for you and a Win for the Outfitter

Raised in a hunting and fishing culture

My first Buffalo. Walk and stalk. Rather, wade and stalk. Coutada 14, Mozambique.
Many moons ago.

Born and bred adjacent to the Soutpansberge and Waterberge in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Raised in a hunting and fishing culture. At a time when as a teen was taught to walk and stalk, shot placement, safety, ethics and dressing your harvest. Especially shot placement, cause ammo was hen’s teeth.
And you have to dress the carcass and process the meat. Bloody shots not wished upon.

That said, I walk and stalk those animals, that I like to eat. Each to own. Trophy hunter’s meat will always be welcomed, never wasted.

I’ve hunted, just about all the concessions here listed. Numerous times. It is a vote of confidence.

We might even bump one another, tell war stories around a Busveld fire.

I bet, you’ll be back again.

Especially shot placement, cause ammo was hen’s teeth
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